SR Ouro Verde – Para Chestnut Flour – 100gr

Brazilian nuts are a seed from the same group as walnuts and
almonds. It is rich in good fats, minerals and phytochemicals and has
a high nutritional value. This food contains abundant antioxidant
substances, especially selenium. A single nut provides almost 100
mcg of selenium, which corresponds to 150% of the recommended
daily dose. Chestnuts have phenolic compounds and flavonoids and
are rich in vitamin E, phytosterols and squalene.
The flour is light, nutritious and has a low carbohydrate and oil
content since the nut oil is removed before preparing the flour. It can be used raw or lightly roasted, giving a special touch to the dishes
you already prepare, adding flavour and texture.

Origin: Brazil

Unit Qty: 100 gr

Units per Boxes: 48

Boxes per Pallet: 60

Pallets Per 20″ Container: 20

Shelf Life: 24 Month



20 Feet Container, Box, Pallet, Resale


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