Serra Mel-Heather & Chestnut Honey-300g

The honey produced in the higher slopes of Serra da Malcata, where heathers predominate, has a dark colour and a strong taste – Heather Honey. On the lower slopes, where wild lavender prevails, honey has a light colour and an aromatic taste – Wild Lavender Honey. The beehives in the middle slopes, with access to heathers and wild lavender, produce our tasty Heather and Wild Lavender Honey

Origin: Brazil

Unit Qty:   300g

Units per Boxes:

Boxes per Pallet:

Pallets Per 20″ Container:

Pallets Per 40″ Container:

Shelf Life:  12  Months


20 Feet Container, 40 Feet Container, Box, Pallet, Resale


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