Moringa da Paz Tea 35g or 25 sachets

Tea Bags – with 25 units/sachets


Can be used up to 3 times and still getting full benefit from natural organic tea in each bag.

Called “Miracle Tree” abroad, it can be consumed as tea, because of its smooth flavor, as ground powder or with its leaves directly applied onto food for immediate consumption or during food preparation, because it does not alter the flavor, and there is also the option of intake as vegetal capsules.

Important: do not throw away the leaves after preparing the Moringa of Peace tea! Re-use it in meals, because the Moringa of Peace is not only simply a tea, but it is superfood, and it can be consumed as a whole in order to get the most of its benefits

Origin: Brazil

Unit Qty: 35g or 25 sachets

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Shelf Life:  Months

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20 Feet Container, Box, Pallet


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