Goober- Candy Peanut Zero Sugar With Oat – 24 Units 480gr

Even though it is fit, it has a sweet taste and is recommended for diets with controlled sugar intake, from a mixture of roasted peanuts, oatmeal, salt and other food substances.


Peanuts, oatmeal, maltodextrin, natural sweetener sorbitol (INS 420), salt and sucralose artificial sweetener (INS 955). Contains gluten. Attention, allergic: contains peanuts and oats. It may also contain traces of milk.

Origin: Brazil

Unit Qty:  24 units 480 gr

Units per Boxes: 8

Boxes per Pallet: 120

Pallets Per 20″ Container: 8

Pallets Per 40″ Container: 20

Shelf Life:  12  Months


20 Feet Container, 40 Feet Container, Box, Pallet, Resale


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