Frutos Da Amazonia- Cupuaçu Chocolate-100g

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Box with chocolate candies and cupuaçu sweet filling. Without gluten.
Cupuaçu is a fruit from the Amazon with a velvety skin, white pulp, creamy and very tasty. It is extremely beneficial for physical and mental health. It is rich in vitamins  A ,  B  and  C , fiber, phosphorus and amino acids.
Benefits of Cupuaçu:  helps with weight loss and digestion, fights inflammation, helps prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol, helps the skin, provides energy, protects the heart and strengthens the immune system. 
Trans fat free product. No preservatives and no lactose. Gluten-free.

Origin: Brazil

Unit Qty: 100 g

Units per Boxes:

Boxes per Pallet:

Pallets Per 20″ Container:

Pallets Per 40″ Container:

Shelf Life:  8  Months


20 Feet Container, 40 Feet Container, Box, Pallet, Resale

1 review for Frutos Da Amazonia- Cupuaçu Chocolate-100g

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